Single family households

Urine becomes fertilizer

Again’s wastewater treatment plant for family houses is to be used both in new houses and installed in existing systems.
Again’s primary competitors are manufacturers of mini-treatment plants where our technique is different, especially as we don’t use biological treatment methods which lose some of it´s capacity if not used continuously throughout the year. Meanwhile, Again’s method is more efficient. Measurements of 115 of our competitor’s treatment plants show that they manage to remove on average 62% of the phosphorus and 45% of the nitrogen while Again has reached as high as 98% for phosphorus and 75% for nitrogen from toilet wastewater. The remaining wastewater such as greywater (from baths/showers, laundry and dishes) is purified in a ground-based separate plant. 

Again will adapt the solution to accommodate the needs of each user.
There are more benefits in addition to avoiding the sensitive biological purification process. One is the production of gainutriTM, Again’s fertilser, which is a residual product from the urine. GainutriTM could be converted to pellets which can easily be reintroduced into the nutrient cycle. It can be spread on a farmer’s field or one’s own plot.

Additional energy savings is achieved by avoiding expensive and energy-demanding transportation associated with emptying of the treatment plant tanks. Neither does the urine need to be stored or hygenized and the fecal matter does not require composting before it is spread.

If you have a ground-based plant for greywater you could expect the lifetime to increase when the corrosion from the nutrition is reduced.