Our principle

Again´s technique

Again returns the nutrients from human urine by using the patent pending additive ZeopeatTM. In the process, which happens by mineralisation and ion-exchange, phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and different micronutrients are captured. The end result is the concentrated fertiliser gainutriTM. Starting from separated urine, fully 98% of the phosphorus and 70% of the nitrogen and potassium is captured. Proof of what Again is working for – a closed nutritient cycle!

The photo shows the automatic reactor, made by Again, installed at the Ekocentrum in Gothenburg.


Instructional video for a Makenutri (to the left)

In larger plants, such as biogas reactors, up to 90% of the nitrogen from the plant’s reject water is captured and mixed with peat, a process which leads to the production of Again’s own nutrient enriched cultivation soil, nymylla.


The additive  ZeopeatTM, can also be mixed with separated urine from dry toilets such as an ongoing project in Bolivia.
There we use our smaller reactor MAKENUTRI.