New fertilizers

gainutriTM & nymylla
Two fertilisers which make a difference.

Based on Again’s unique process there are two different fertiliser products which contribute to sustainable agriculture and a closed nutrition cycle.

A concentrated fertiliser. It is produced by mixing Again’s patent pending additive ZeoPeatTM with separated human urine or blackwater.

A readymade, nutrition-enriched cultivation soil. It is made of gainutriTM mixed with peat. Nymylla releases its nutritients with the same pace as the plants use it. Some applications may require additional nitrogen. Both fertilisers are hygenised, free from smells and contain minimal amounts of heavy metals and other environmentally dangerous substances. Forget the traditional sludge on our fields!

Experimental cultivation tests at Alnarp, SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) has shown that peat mixed with gainutriTM had equally good growth as peat where the optimal amount of artificial fertilizer had been periodically added.


Additional information for cultivation 

High zeolite content
gainutriTM   gets its soil enriching properties from the high concentration of zeolite. Natural zeolites are well-known and commonly used in greenhouse farming or regular farming across the world.  Zeo-agriculture is a wide area where for more than 80 years zeolite has been used for research in the agricultural sector.

gainutriTM  is a nutrition-enriched cultivation substrate classified as a slow-release fertilizer. In addition to phosphorus and nitrogen, gainutriTM  also contains macro-nutrients such as K, Mg, S and all of the necessary micro-nutrients: Ca, Mn, Cu, B, Zn, Fe, Cr, and so on.

See below for a detailed analysis.

Analysis results


Recommendation for fertilising
gainutriTM is not soluble in water! It should be mixed in the soil or substrate before sowing or planting.


1) For one tomato plant in a 10 liter pot during one growing season
The nutrient requirement for one tomato plant was calculated based on recommendations for ecological tomato production in greenhouses and with a tomato harvest of ca 5 kg during one season (report from the Swedish Board of Agriculture, 20-2007).

Use ca 2 liter dry gainutriTMmixed into ca 10 liter normal pot soil. Put your tomato plant in this mixture. The mixture is providing sufficient nutrition for a tomato plant, excepting N. During the growing season one should fertilize with extra N (in liquid or solid form).

2) In normal sized pots for flowers indoors or on a balcony
Mix commercial plant soil and gainutriTM in proportions (volymes) 10:2, e.g. 1 liter pot soil mixed with 0,2 liter  gainutriTM. Sow or plant your flower in this substrate. Extra N fertilization probably is not necessary (if the flower has no extra N need).