About Again AB

A short video presentation of Again: Nutrient recovery

Again AB was founded in 2011 and the business is based on the research of Zsofia Ganrot in the field of sustainable sanitation at the University of Gothenburg where she earned her Ph.D.

In our laboratory we continuously develop, test and refine the additives needed to extract the nutrients in urine. Construction, testing and verification of processing and technology takes place at our workshop in Högsbo in Gothenburg. The founders and board members of the company are people with complementary skills who work actively to run and develop Again AB. 
The startup of our company was triggered by the need to find sustainable solutions for decentralized household wastewater treatment with toilet wastewater as the main nutrient source in focus.

The combination of top-research in this field and a deep awareness and knowledge regarding environmental and sustainability issues is the strength of our company.
Our goal is to present a technical solution unique for the sector; a solution which is flexible to the customers needs and complies with the highest discharge requirements and nutrient recovery policies in every country.

Mikael Olsson

Chairman of the board.
Former lecturer in applied environmental science at the University of Gothenburg. Mikael has worked as a teacher, course developer and course literature author for many years. His specialisations include ecology, water quality and science communication. He has also worked as a project manager and educator at the science centre Universeum.  



Mobile: +46(0)705 36 40 94

Stefan Bydén

Former lecturer in applied environmental science at the University of Gothenburg where he primarily worked with water quality issues. Over the past twenty years he has worked with nutrients, both in individual outlets and smaller joint property units. He has also worked with measures to decrease the nutrient burden in lakes and oceans.  


Mobile: +46(0)706 72 20 80

Thomaz Grahl

Communications. Graphics designer, writer and project manager.
Thomaz has long experience with marketing and profiling businesses and running projects in the public sector. He has carried through several information projects with connection to environment and energy and has international experience through aid work in Peru. Thomaz also works with video and film production. He is trained at the academy of design and arts at the University of Gothenburg and has a diploma from the Institute of Graphics in Stockholm.



Mobile: +46(0)730 42 70 78

Tore Sveälv

Business developer and responsible for investments at GU Ventures. He has many years of experience of business development within the marine field as well as the diagnostics- and food sectors. Tore is CEO for Akvaforsk in Norway and division executive at Chromogenix and recently became CEO of Food & Health Concept Centre. 



Mobile: +46(0)707 49 93 62

Zsofia Ganrot

Holds a Ph.D. degree in applied environmental science. She is expert in sustainable sanitation. Her academic research at University of Gothenburg lays the ground for Again´s unique technical solutions today. She is a well-known researcher in the field of ecological sanitation and has large experience in project management, in supervising academic works and in academic teaching.


Mobile: +46(0)708 63 92 53